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Hermann Nitsch

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A.k.a.:  Hermann Nietzsch.   1206 auction records.   3 upcoming.  
Hermann Nitsch (Born 1938) is active/lives in Austria.  Hermann Nitsch is known for Actionist, performance art.

Biography photo for Hermann Nitsch BIOGRAPHY   
Born 1938, Vienna, Austria
Lives and works in Austria   
1957  Creates the concept of the Orgies Mysteries Theater, a six-day
event that continues to captivate him throughout his career.
1960-66  Actions and exhibitions resulting in various court trials and three
prison sentences, Vienna, Austria
1989     Teacher at the Academy of Visual Arts, Frankfurt
2010  Hermann Nitsch, Musée d'Art Moderne de Saint-Étienne, France (Forthcoming)
  Hermann Nitsch Masterpieces of the Duerckheim Collection, Museumszentrum, Mistlebach, Austria
2009  The Past, the Present, and the Disciples of Nitsch, Box Art Galleria d'Arte, Verona, Italy
  Hermann Nitsch, Galleria Dant'Agostino Casa d'Aste, Turin, Italy  
  Dirimart Gallery, IstaMike Weiss Gallery
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.  1206 auction records.   3 upcoming.  

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