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Isaac Lazarus Israels

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A.k.a.:  Israel Isaacs.   826 auction records.  
Isaac Lazarus Israels (1865 - 1934) was active/lived in Netherlands, Holland, France.  Isaac Israels is known for Impressionist landscape and seaside painting scenes.

Biography photo for Isaac Lazarus Israels The son of the cultivated and sophisticated painter Jozef Israels, Isaac Israels developed an interest in literature, travel and painting as a child.  Between 1878 and 1880 he studied at the academy in The Hague.  His special talent was obvious from an early age.  In 1881, when he was 16, he painted a picture which was purchased even before it was finished by the artist and collector Hendrik Willem Mesdag.

Apart from one or two extensive travels, from 1886 Israels lived in Amsterdam.  In that year he registered at the Amsterdam Academy of Art to complete his schooling.  However, he only stayed for the one year as there was not much more they could teach him. Israels often spent the summer months with his father in Scheveningen.  Fascinated by the changeable light of sun and sea, he painted many colourful seaside scenes.

In Amsterdam Israels was a close friend of George Hendrik Breitner.  The two artists tried to ca   ...  [Displaying 1000 of 2383 characters.]  Artist bio

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.  826 auction records.  

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